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Wagner Law handles all types of criminal law cases for clients in Saskatoon. We can offer you effective legal representation no matter what your situation.

Drug Charges

The experienced legal team at Wagner Law assists clients facing drug charges, including possession of drugs or paraphernalia, sale, operating under the influence, falsifying prescriptions, or any other type of drug charge.

Trials & Appeals

If you’ve already begun working through your cases but are seeking alternate legal help, Wagner Law in Saskatoon can step in to assist you in the trial or an appeal. If you have been convicted but are seeking a chance to overturn the judge’s decision, we work hard to help you file an appeal.

Driving Offences

Even the most cautious and courteous drivers can get distracted or flustered and receive a driving offence. Or maybe you were in an unfamiliar area and unaware of a particular traffic law until it was too late.

From parking violations to speeding tickets, mistakes that resulted in an accident to DUI charges, Wagner Law will work with all parties involved to lower your fines or dismiss your charges.

Whether you were in the wrong place at the wrong time, you got involved in a group conducting illegal activity, or you struggle with addiction, our compassionate lawyers will work with you to help you move forward from your charges and process your case as quickly as possible.

Youth Criminal Law

Juveniles are tried differently than adults and many youth crimes can be expunged from their permanent record when they turn 18. We handle all types of criminal law cases including underage consumption of alcohol, driving without a license, or vandalism, along with several other common youth crimes.

Wagner Law has the specialized knowledge needed to separate youth criminal law from adult criminal law. We also refer adolescents and teens to additional resources such as counseling, classes, and other programs to help them learn from their mistakes.


We also work with clients facing assault charges to reduce or dismiss the charge, or reduce the consequences associated with the charge. We’ll look at your case from all angles to determine if the assault was a result of self defense or what other factors led up to the incident. We also work with sexual assault cases.

Murder Charges

Oftentimes in a murder case, the person who is suspected to have committed the crime is not the guilty person. A vast amount of facts, circumstantial evidence, and physical evidence must be thoroughly analyzed to determine who in fact committed a murder crime. Our lawyers will ensure that not one stone gets left unturned in your case proceedings.

Our defense lawyers understand the seriousness of your situation, and we understand that every step has to be carefully calculated. The sooner you seek legal representation in the investigation, the easier it will be to develop a strong case.


Fraud involves deceiving others to illegally obtain goods, money, or services. Many common types include writing bad checks, money laundering, insurance fraud, and corporate fraud. Whatever type of fraud charge you’re facing, Wagner Law have the experience to help you work through the case, deal with the consequences, and move forward on a positive path.

Weapon Offences

We can also help you work through weapon offence charges, from unauthorized conceal and carry to unregistered firearms, firearm theft, or illegal possession of anything considered a weapon (knife, baton, bat, or other object that could cause bodily harm).

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