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Wagner Law receives several frequently asked questions from our clients about each area of law we practice. Read through just a few of these questions below and their answers, and check back soon for additional resources.

The police have asked me to come into an interview, should I?

Never talk to the police without first talking to a lawyer of your choice, you need to fully understand your rights. Young offenders in CA have the right to have their lawyers present in the interview

The individual who contacted police has decided they don’t want to prosecute. Does that mean no charges will be filed and I will be released?

Maybe, but not necessarily. There are many reasons why the victim or reporting party may have a change of heart, such as the report was false or inaccurate or the person is scared to proceed. The police and prosecutors are aware of all the reasons and don’t simply drop charges—first they re-interview the reporting party to understand why they changed their mind.

Can I prepare my own will?

There are strict requirements that must be followed in the signing and witnessing of the will, so it is important to have your last will and testament drawn by lawyers to ensure that your intentions are properly stated and to ensure it is valid and admissible to probate.

Why do I need a lawyer in a residential real estate transaction?

Enlisting the assistance of a qualified real estate lawyers will guide you through the complicated world of today’s real estate transactions and steer clear of problems. Consult with a lawyer before you sign an offer to purchase, and after, your lawyers can help you negotiate specific terms of the contract, review documents, and ensure you understand all your options and the terms of your mortgage.

What is considered civil litigation?

Civil litigation involves a dispute between two or more parties (individuals or businesses), most frequently over money, but it may also involve breaches of contract, personal injury, and landlord/tenant matters.

What is small claims court?

In small claims court, jurisdiction over civil suits is carried out in cases up to $20,000. These courts are set up so that the parties do not have to hire a lawyer; however, it is recommended to hire a lawyer for these disputes.

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